National Programme – NBF and Kheti Sudhar

The National programme for NBF and Kheti Sudhar was an idea that germinated after researching and practically solving the farmer’s problems with plant/ soil health and other problems like weed and rust. Once the results were proven, we wanted to extend awareness about this programme and help our farming community to know about sustainable and practical farming methodologies.

The Flagship concept of Sree Shakthivel Crop Technology
Huge GAP in the agricultural sector
Sree Shakthivel Crop Technology
Nutritionally Balanced Farming is the need of the hour

Liebig's law of minimum
Liebig’s law explains Fundamental balancing technique
An overview about current Indian Agri space by Founder and R&D Head Dr. MSR Raju, IIT-BHU
Highlights of National Programme for NBF and Kheti Sudhar
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