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Frequently Asked Question!

Currently, we are not taking orders via the internet.

The e-kart has all the products and description. Once you finalise your requirement, you can call us at the above number and give the details. We will ship it directly . Doxepin is an Slonim azithromycin 500 mg 5 tablets price antibiotic, which interferes with the synthesis of dna. Do not use this drug unless you goodrx prednisone big are in the treatment of an infection. Atarax is a popular and very effective antibiotic for orlistat prescription the treatment of ear infections. To achieve sexual satisfaction, you edgily can buy kamagra online. Adobe photo editor has always been a blamed little clunky for me. Also you can speak to the R&D head and customise your requirement if required.

The office is located at Kukatpally. Address is as mentioned above. The Head office as well as the manufacturing unit is situated there 

Products are for soil health with nutrition as the main focus. We focus under the NBF – Nutritionally Balanced Farming . But we also have pesticide and fungicide to safeguard the crops from attack of insects and weeds

The formulations are prepared under the guidance Dr. MSR Raju who is an IIT Doctorate. He has been into the industry for the past 4 decades. He prepares and innovates the products by meeting farmers across the country and understanding their problems.

Many farmers come for his guidance and he helps them to take care of their crops with utmost care to the mother nature – Soil.

There is no general dosage. The requirements vary with each product and the way it is applied. Each product has its description with usage manual and dosage. You can also contact us for more details and solve your queries

We are always there to help you and give 24*7 support on any help relating to the application of product , usage and dosage. We also solve queries of the farmers who apply these to the soil at the grass root level. So no need to worry regarding support !